What Is A GIC?

A Guaranteed Investment Certificate is a low-risk investment with guaranteed returns. A GIC is a type of Deposit Product and is issued by a financial institution such as a bank, trust company or credit union. Deposit Products are also known as term deposits, deposit receipts or short-term deposits.

What Are Deposit Brokers?

Deposit Brokers are independent financial professionals who offer Deposit Products such as GICs. RDBA Deposit Brokers can provide objective recommendations because they offer products from several financial institutions. This is how they can get you the best interest rates. Deposit Brokers are paid by the financial institutions that issue the deposits, so clients who purchase a Deposit Product through a Deposit Broker pay no commissions or fees.

About Registered Deposit Brokers Association

RDBA is the Professional Standards Association for the Canadian Deposit Broker industry. RDBA Members include Canadian financial institutions and Deposit Brokers who offer Deposit Products to Canadian Investors.

RDBA provides training and other resources to Deposit Brokers to assist them with offering Deposit Products to Canadian investors and staying compliant with current Canadian regulations.