Why work with a Deposit Broker?
RDBA Deposit Brokers maximize your return by accessing a broad range of deposit issuers for the best rates.

They recommend deposits that are insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or by a provincial deposit insurer.

RDBA Deposit Brokers complete a criminal background check, annual Anti-Money Laundering training, and comply with RDBA Rules and Regulations, and Code of Ethics.

They follow RDBA guidelines for premises, privacy, insurance, record-keeping, and business continuity.


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Joseph Cargnello

Account Manager, Deposit Services
Community Trust Company

Community Trust Company is a long-time member and supporter of the RDBA. I see them as the backbone of the industry. They provide AML training, testing, forms, and representation at events which are just some of the ways they promote and elevate the status of the deposit taking industry. Their role strengthens the relationship between brokers and financial institutions and should give customers confidence they have made the right choice when working with their members.

Frank Miemiec MBA, CFP, CLU

Vice-President, Page and Associates Ltd.
Financial Planner, Page and Associates
Worldsource Financial Management Inc.

The RDBA is in a unique position to help develop standards for the Deposit Broker channel because it brings together Brokers and the Financial Institutions whose products they distribute. By working together, the two groups can formulate standardized business processes that ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and enhanced efficiency for Brokers.

The RDBA performs a consumer-facing public relations function by promoting the Brokers’ value proposition and maintaining a website that helps consumers find the Brokers nearest to them.

David Newman

Chief Operating Officer
Fiscal Agents Ltd.

The RDBA belongs to its members to the benefit of the conservative investor. It establishes and reinforces educational and professional standards that represent excellence and commitment.

The RDBA provides a forum in which like minded, consumer-focused professionals can exchange ideas and refine best practices. It advocates for the consumer and enhances public awareness of the deposit industry.

Bruno M. Scanga

Insurance, Investment & Financial Advisor
HGI and Company

I have been a member of RDBA since 2010. Through this time I have enjoyed the support that RDBA offers to individual deposit brokers. As an organization, the effort the RDBA have put forth to shape regulatory policies, raise the educational standards of its members through industry training like annual anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing training is very much welcomed. With the RDBA’s continued support, advisors can focus on working with their clients and providing service to ensure their clients’ needs are met.

Keep up the good work.

Bill Ritchie

President & CEO
GICdirect.com Financial Services Ltd.

GICdirect.com has been a member of the RDBA for 17 years. The RDBA continues to increase investor awareness of Deposit Brokers and their services, helps to shape regulatory policies and initiatives, raises educational standards of its members through industry training and provides annual anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing training and testing. The RDBA is also helping to simplify the deposit business through the development and maintenance of standardized regulatory compliant forms and procedures.

J.G. (Gord) Mooney

President Emeritus
General Bank of Canada

The RDBA has in place a set of professional standards to help ensure that we can demonstrate compliance with all of the regulatory requirements of operating in the deposit-taking world. The fact that so many Financial Institutions can work together with independent Deposit Brokers demonstrates a level of collaboration and cooperation that does not exist anywhere else in the Canadian financial services space.

The RDBA remains an integral part of General Bank’s deposit gathering strategy, as we move forward with emerging trends in the industry.

Michael Dupuis, MBA, CFP, CPA, CMA

Accountant, Financial Advisor

The Registered Deposit Brokers Association puts the “Guaranteed” back in the “Guaranteed Investment Certificate”. I’ve seen many client statements from the big banks over the years where not all the deposits are insured as they go over the coverage limit for any one financial institution. Often dealing with 30 or more financial institutions, members of the RDBA can ensure that both principal and interest are 100% insured. Dealing with RDBA members means that you are getting consumer protection at the highest level possible.

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