Enhanced Broker Profiles

We sent out emails to Broker members in August and September and Krista Parks, RDBA’s Member Services Coordinator has since been following up with members to encourage you to create your Enhanced Broker Profile. We are now asking Affiliate members to send us the same Enhanced Broker Profile information.

As an added benefit of membership, RDBA is helping you maximize the impact of your Broker Profile on the Broker Search Engine. In addition to your current information, you will now have the opportunity to provide any or all of the following 4 elements to create your Enhanced Broker Profile:

  1. Your profile picture (head shot)
  2. Your company logo
  3. Your business profile
  4. The languages in which you able to conduct business

Here is an example of an Enhanced Broker Profile provided by our Chairman, Brian Evans.

For members who require dealer approval of online advertising, you will be able to see how your Enhanced Broker Profile will look before it goes live to the world.

Please email written profiles of 100 words or less and images in jpg format with a minimum resolution of 150 dpi to headoffice@rdba.ca. When received, we will review your submission to ensure that it meets our content requirements.

The many submissions we have already received from member are currently being vetted and will start to go live in October.

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