RDBA Member Numbers

What is my RDBA Member Number?

The RDBA Member Number has been used for many years by RDBA Staff as the single, unique identifier for each person in the RDBA Members Database. It will now be used on RDBA forms along with Broker/Affiliate codes.

What’s the difference between my Broker/Affiliate codes and my Member Number?

Broker/Affiliate codes: When you indicate on your member application that you access different GIC issuers’ products through different business relationships, RDBA issues you a set of Broker/Affiliate codes to identify each of these relationships. These codes also tell an FI where to direct a commission payment.

Member Number: This is a single, unique number that identifies you, the person, as an RDBA member.

Broker/Affiliate codes = Business Relationships

Member Number = Personal Identifier

How will this impact my business?

This new number will have very little impact on your business because when the new RDBA forms are available, it will pre-populate on all forms when you download them, as long as you are signed in using your own RDBA credentials. The RDBA Member Number will simply be used as the single cross-reference, linking together all the various forms in an investment order package. The RDBA Member Number will be used on custodial-type forms instead of your Broker/Affiliate codes for a few reasons:

You will no longer need to put all your different Broker/Affiliate codes on all clients’ custodial documentation if you want to use the same, signed forms with multiple business relationships

  • You don’t have to share information about your other business relationships that are not relevant

Having one unique identifier for each member-person is also a best practice for building databases and avoiding information silos.

Where do I find my RDBA Member Number?

You will soon be able to see your RDBA Member Number in three important places:

  1. At the top left of the screen when you first sign into members.rdba.ca using your own RDBA credentials
  2. On a new column to the far right that has been added to the RDBA AML report
  3. When the updated forms are available, it will re-populated on all downloadable RDBA forms when you are signed in with your own RDBA credentials

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