Updated RDBA Forms Now Available

RDBA has released new versions of our most frequently used forms. These forms have been updated for compliance with new FCAC, CRS and FINTRAC regulations and have been re-structured to make doing business easier for Brokers. The four newly updated forms are:

  1. Client Identity Verification Form
  2. Client Information and Consent Form
  3. Politically Exposed Person Form
  4. Guaranteed Investment Certificate Application

These forms have been thoroughly reviewed in consultation with stakeholders and we believe they meet the needs of all members.

If a Deposit Broker has an old version of an RDBA CICF on file for a client, and if the CICF has not expired, it is still valid. RDBA’s opinion that Deposit Brokers will not need to re-paper their entire client base; they will only need to use the new forms moving forward. The same information that was captured in the old CICF will now be captured using more than one of the new forms, however, the same information will just be organized differently.

Thanks to all the people who have helped with the review process.

In the next few days, these forms will be available to download when you sign into members.rdba.ca under the ‘Documents and Forms’ tab.

For any questions about these new forms, please email Don Darby at dondarby@rdba.ca

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